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Comparative study on ultrasonic assisted adsorption of Basic Blue 3, Basic Yellow 28 and Acid Red 336 dyes onto hydromagnesite stromatolite: kinetic, isotherm and error analysis
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PEDOT: PSS/β12 borophene nanocomposites as an inorganic-organic hybrid electrode for high performance supercapacitors
TA Türkmen, N Taşaltın, C Taşaltın, G Baytemir, S Karakuş
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Dual-role of β borophene nanosheets as highly effective antibacterial and antifungal agent
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Volatile organic compound detection performance of Borophene and PANI: β Borophene nanocomposite-based sensors
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An ultra-sensitive smartphone-integrated digital colorimetric and electrochemical Camellia sinensis polyphenols encapsulated CuO nanoparticles-based ammonia biosensor
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Preparation and characterization of carboxymethyl cellulose / poly (ethylene glycol) -rosin pentaerythritolester polymeric nanoparticles: Role of intrinsic viscosity and …
AK S. Karakuş, M. Ilgar, E. Tan, İ. M. Kahyaoğlu, N. Taşaltın, İ. Albayrak ...
Surfaces and Interfaces 21, 2020
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