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Detection of radio interference attacks in VANET
A Hamieh, J Ben-Othman, L Mokdad
GLOBECOM 2009-2009 IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference, 1-5, 2009
Detection of jamming attacks in wireless ad hoc networks using error distribution
A Hamieh, J Ben-Othman
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Alkane Metathesis with the Tantalum Methylidene [( SiO) Ta ( CH2) Me2]/[( SiO) 2Ta ( CH2) Me] Generated from Well-Defined Surface Organometallic Complex [( SiO) TaVMe4]
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Hive oversight for network intrusion early warning using DIAMoND: a bee-inspired method for fully distributed cyber defense
M Korczynski, A Hamieh, JH Huh, H Holm, SR Rajagopalan, ...
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Well-Defined Surface Species [(SiO)W(O)Me3] Prepared by Direct Methylation of [(SiO)W(O)Cl3], a Catalyst for Cycloalkane Metathesis and …
A Hamieh, Y Chen, S Abdel-Azeim, E Abou-Hamad, S Goh, ...
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Unearthing a well-defined highly active bimetallic W/Ti precatalyst anchored on a single silica surface for metathesis of propane
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Synergy between Two Metal Catalysts: A Highly Active Silica-Supported Bimetallic W/Zr Catalyst for Metathesis of n-Decane
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Effect of Support on Metathesis of n‐Decane: Drastic Improvement in Alkane Metathesis with WMe5 Linked to Silica–Alumina
MK Samantaray, R Dey, E Abou‐Hamad, A Hamieh, JM Basset
Chemistry–A European Journal 21 (16), 6100-6106, 2015
SOMC-designed silica supported tungsten oxo imidazolin-2-iminato methyl precatalyst for olefin metathesis reactions
ZS Qureshi, A Hamieh, S Barman, N Maity, MK Samantaray, S Ould-Chikh, ...
Inorganic Chemistry 56 (2), 861-871, 2017
Low temperature activation of methane over a zinc-exchanged heteropolyacid as an entry to its selective oxidation to methanol and acetic acid
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Detecting greedy behaviors by linear regression in wireless ad hoc networks
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Stopping amplified DNS DDoS attacks through distributed query rate sharing
S Verma, A Hamieh, JH Huh, H Holm, SR Rajagopalan, M Korczynski, ...
2016 11th International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security …, 2016
Quantification and analysis of CO2 footprint from industrial facilities in Saudi Arabia
A Hamieh, F Rowaihy, M Al-Juaied, AN Abo-Khatwa, AM Afifi, H Hoteit
Energy Conversion and Management: X 16, 100299, 2022
Defending method against jamming attack in wireless ad hoc networks
J Ben-Othman, A Hamieh
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Synthesis and characterization of a homogeneous and silica supported homoleptic cationic tungsten (VI) methyl complex: Application in olefin metathesis
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Single site silica supported tetramethyl niobium by the SOMC strategy: synthesis, characterization and structure–activity relationship in the ethylene oligomerization reaction
A Hamieh, R Dey, B Nekoueishahraki, MK Samantaray, Y Chen, ...
Chemical Communications 53 (52), 7068-7071, 2017
DIAMoND: Distributed intrusion/anomaly monitoring for nonparametric detection
M Korczynski, A Hamieh, JH Huh, H Holm, SR Rajagopalan, ...
2015 24th International Conference on Computer Communication and Networks …, 2015
Investigation of Surface Alkylation Strategy in SOMC: In Situ Generation of a Silica-Supported Tungsten Methyl Catalyst for Cyclooctane Metathesis
A Hamieh, R Dey, MK Samantaray, S Abdel-Azeim, E Abou-Hamad, ...
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The use of a well-defined surface organometallic complex as a probe molecule:[(RSiO) Ta V Cl2Me2] shows different isolated silanol sites on the silica surface1
Y Chen, B Zheng, E Abou-Hamad, A Hamieh, B Hamzaoui, K Huang, ...
Chem. Commun 50, 11721-11723, 2014
Powjam: A power reaction system against jamming attacks in wireless ad hoc networks
A Hamieh
2012 9th Annual Conference on Wireless On-Demand Network Systems and …, 2012
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