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Hydrogen storage capacities of some new Hg (II) complexes containing 2-acetylethiophene
BD Salih, MA Alheety, AR Mahmood, A Karadag, DJ Hashim
Inorganic Chemistry Communications 103, 100-106, 2019
H2 storage abilities of some novel Pd (II) complexes containing 2H [1, 4] benzothiazin-3 (4H)-one
AA Hameed, MA Alheety, AR Mahmood, SA Al-Jibori, A Karadag
Inorganic Chemistry Communications 106, 11-17, 2019
Eco-friendly C60-SESMP-Fe3O4 inorganic magnetizable nanocomposite as high-performance adsorbent for magnetic removal of arsenic from crude oil and water samples
MA Alheety, A Raoof, SA Al-Jibori, A Karadağ, AI Khaleel, H Akbaş, ...
Materials Chemistry and Physics 231, 292-300, 2019
Synthesis, characterization and anti-tumor activity of Pd (II) complexes with 4, 5-benzo-3H-1, 2-dithiole-3-thione
SA Al-Jibori, MA Ulghafoor, A Karadağ, A Aydın, H Akbaş, SG Ruiz
Transition Metal Chemistry 44 (6), 575-583, 2019
Ag (I)-benzisothiazolinone complex: synthesis, characterization, H2 storage ability, nano transformation to different Ag nanostructures and Ag nanoflakes antimicrobial activity
MA Alheety, SA Al-Jibori, AH Ali, AR Mahmood, H Akbaş, A Karadağ, ...
Materials Research Express 6 (12), 125071, 2019
Novel dithiocarbamate–Hg(II) complexes containing mixed ligands: Synthesis, spectroscopic characterization, and H2 storage capacity
AIA Al‐Nassiry, ASM Al‐Janabi, OY Thayee Al‐Janabi, P Spearman, ...
Journal of the Chinese Chemical Society 67 (5), 775-781, 2020
A novel synthesis of MnO2, nanoflowers as an efficient heterogeneous catalyst for oxidative desulfurization of thiophenes
MA Alheety, SA Al-Jibori, A Karadağ, H Akbaş, MH Ahmed
Nano-Structures & Nano-Objects 20, 100392, 2019
Synthesis, characterization and antifungal activity of coated silver nanoparticles-nystatin and coated silver nanoparticles-clotrimazol
MA Alheety, AA Hameed
Tikrit Journal of Pure Science 23 (7), 63-70, 2018
Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Nano Dithiocarbamate Complexes Derived From GO-benzimidazole
IK Jebour, MY Mohammed, MA Alheety
Diyala Journal For Pure Science 12 (1), 108-121, 2016
Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Nano Dithiocarbamate Complexes Derived from GO-Benzimidazole
M Alheety, M Mohammed, MK Jabr
Dialay Journal for Pure Science 16, 108-121, 2016
Addition of Some Primary and Secondary Amines to Graphene Oxide, and Studying Their Effect on Increasing its Electrical Properties
MA Alheety, AH Al-Agha, AN Abd
Baghdad Science Journal 13 (1), 97-112, 2016
Poly (o-Phenylenediamine-GO-TiO2) nanocomposite: modulation, characterization and thermodynamic calculations on its H2 storage capacity
AH Majeed, DH Hussain, ETB Al-Tikrity, MA Alheety
Chemical Data Collections, 100450, 2020
N, O-rich graphene oxide based eggshell membrane polymer: Preparation, characterization and its utility as nano sorbent for solid phase extraction of Pb (II) in various water …
AR Mahmood, IQ Abdallah, MA Alheety, H Akbaş, A Karadağ
AIP Conference Proceedings 2144 (1), 020003, 2019
Silver Nanoparticles Anchored 5-methoxy benzimidazol thiomethanol (MBITM): Modulate, Characterization and Comparative Studies on MBITM and Ag-MBITM Antibacterial Activities
NF Alheety, AH Majeed, MA Alheety
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1294 (5), 052026, 2019
The mixture of silver nanosquare and silver nanohexagon: green synthesis, characterization and kinetic evolution
LA Jasem, AA Hameed, MAG Alheety, AR Mahmood, A Karadag, H Akbas
Materials Research Express 6, 0850f9, 2019
Polymeric Silver(I) Benzisothiazolinone Complex: Synthesis, Characterization and H2 Gas Storage Capacity
MA Alheety, SA Al-Jibori, A Karadağ, H Akbaş, O Uzun
First International and the Third Scientific Conference , College of Science …, 2018
Addition of Some Primary and Secondary Amines to Graphene Oxide, and Studying Their Effect on Increasing its Electrical Properties
AN Abd, AH Al-Agha, MA Alheety
Baghdad Science Journal 13, 1, 2016
Novel Mercury (II) 1-Phenyl-1H-tetrazol-5-thiol and carbon nanotube complexes: synthesis, characterization and H2 storage capacities
ASM Al-Janabi, AY Osama'a, MA Alheety
Chemical Data Collections, 100399, 2020
Artificial sweetener (saccharine) as electrical properties promoter for graphene oxide and graphene
IQ Abdulah, FS Abdulazeez, MA Alheety, AR Mahmood
Materials Today: Proceedings 20, 517-523, 2020
Biosynthesis of Ag nanospheres using waste phoenix dactylifera argonne: a prospective anticancer and antibacterial
BD Salih, AH Ali, MA Alheety, AR Mahmood, A Karadağ, A Aydın
Materials Research Express 6 (10), 105063, 2019
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